Felbridge Close, Frimley, Surrey.


With kitchens fast becoming the heart of the home and where we spend a lot of our time entertaining our client wanted to make more of their kitchen area. They wanted to bring more light into the room as well as creating a dining area that could open up to into the garden. We decided to create a ground floor kitchen extension with a vaulted ceiling, roof lights and bi-fold doors opening onto the rear garden.

Services Required:

  • Survey of existing property
  • Building Regulations drawings
  • Steelwork Calculations
  • SAP calculations
  • Liaising with Building Control to achieve an unconditional approval

See below for our solution and finished photos



When first surveying the property, the existing drain was located in the footprint of the new extension and the invert level of the drain was 2m deep. This resulted in very deep foundations to avoid putting any loads onto the existing drain. We looked at various alternative approaches such as piling but there was only limited side access so the foundations had to be hand dug. To make matters worse, we were excavating alongside an existing conservatory. To avoid undermining the conservatory the foundations were dug and cast in sections. The other interesting part of the project is the vaulted ceiling. This was created without the use of horizontal ties by spanning the rafters onto the ridge beam. The combination of the vaulted ceiling, roof lights, bi-fold doors and side windows create a very light space but as a result of a large area of glazing, a SAP calculation was required by Building Control to assess the heat loss through the glazing.