Woodlarks Bi-Folds

Woodlark Glade, Camberley, Surrey.


Initially the brief was to create a loft conversion with a large front feature window and a ground floor rear extension with rooflights. The work was undertaken and the relevant permissions sought from both the Planning Dept. and Building Control however, the homeowner moved out. The Client, who bought the house from the previous owner, moved in and revised to plans to their own requirements. The loft conversion was removed and the new brief was to continue with the ground floor rear extension with some modifications from the original design.

Services Required:

  • Planning drawings
  • Submission of planning application
  • Building Regulations drawings
  • Steelwork Calculations
  • Liaising with Building Control

See below for our solution and finished photos



The new pad foundations for the steel columns were due to be installed however the top of the existing foundations were very deep which made the excavation difficult for the builder. The house was also built under the NHBC scheme, not the local authority so Building Control has no records of the existing foundation. To add further complications, the existing foul drainage was also leaving the building close to the proposed pad foundations. The solution was to cast RC spreader beams onto the existing substructure wall. In order to do this we had to justify the existing foundation to take the concentrated loads from the new columns. We justified this by calculating the proposed loads and checking that they were less than the allowable ground bearing pressure (GBP) of 100kN/m2, the allowable GBP of the Bagshot Beds.